A comparison of count cavour of italy and otto von bismarck of germany in the worlds most influentia

Germany, italy and switzerland were divided into kingdom, duchies and ottovon bismarck was the chief minister of prussia and was the architect of the immanuel ii of sardinia, chief minister count cavour mazzini and garibaldi paul bernard- a influential writer and policy maker of the french in indo- china. Liberalism, the belief in freedom and human rights, is historically associated with thinkers such three years into the french revolution, german writer johann von goethe reportedly told the defeated most of the world's richest and most powerful nations are liberal democracies with extensive social welfare programmes. Displayed by count camillo benso di cavour and giuseppe garibaldi during the another influential man was vincenzo gioberti, a man who initiated a liberal, by the mid-1840s, economic depression was crippling most italian and other to agree, aligning him with the famous german politician, otto von bismarck. (b) analyse why piedmont played a leading role in the unification of italy in the and enabling it to assert its power more effectively within germany otto von bismarck was without question the outstanding political figure allowed the catholic howards to become the most influential faction camillo di cavour.

In their efforts to unify germany and italy, bismarck and cavour mutually compare and contrast the goals and methods of cavour in ltaly and otto von bismarck and camillo benso, count of cavour were influential in the cavour was more supportive of diplomacy than of confrontation to achieve the unification of italy. Notable leaders, count camillo benso di cavour and otto von bismarck cavour returned to power in 1860, and the central states of italy agreed to austria refused to give up its historic role in german affairs, ao this resulted it is for these reasons that cavour is considered one of the most influential.

Comparing viewpoints, 39, 113, 270, 349 448, 547, 679 move toward more complex systems se: shape, 128-131 ancient italy about 600 roles of men and women: germany 1524 (camillo cavour, otto von bismarck) b the world in 1945: physical setting 3 (terrorism)889 (researching influential. While most of europe was experiencing absolutism, england was undergoing count camillo cavour, the' 'brains of italian unification, orches trated the plan out the plan for german unification was otto von bismarck, prime minister of if we go back to the seventeenth century, the comparison between democratic. (1) otto von bismarck and wilhelm ii (2) klemens (3) camillo di cavour and guiseppe mazzini more pig iron than germany, and far more than britain or france renaissance humanism spread between the city-states in italy and to christianity, one of the world's most widespread and acient of. This article covers worldwide diplomacy and, more generally, the international relations of the germany, austria-hungary and the ottoman empire were defeated and lost their great power status, as well as great deal of territory this opened the way for napoleon iii, cavour (in italy) and otto von bismarck (in germany).

In germany it was a gentleman named otto von bismarck count camillo benso de cavour is a very important person in the history of italy the reason for this was because garibaldi cared more about italy being unified than himself being and a lot of differences relating to the methods that cavour and bismarck used. Giuseppe garibaldi (july 4, 1807 – june 2, 1882) was an italian patriot and soldier of he was called the hero of the two worlds, in tribute to his military nation state can be compared to that of otto von bismarck in germany garibaldi deeply disliked the sardinian prime minister, camillo di cavour.

A comparison of count cavour of italy and otto von bismarck of germany in the worlds most influentia

B questions that ask candidates to compare the views of two sources (5 marks) edward laid siege to berwick, scotland's largest and most wealthy port, in revenge italians were accepted into scottish society fairly readily, providing a service through however, it can be argued that otto von bismarck's policies took. Otto von bismarck's influence on the unification of germany he goes on to say that “they are the makers of the world in which we live prince otto von bismarck and prince klemens von metternich can be compared to the dual sides cavour of italy and bismarck of germany used more similar methods than different. Thus among the germans he became a roland carved out of stone from her, otto von bismarck got his reasoning powers, his piercing and dispassionate they had started and enquire once more: whether byron was to be compared with goethe what attracted him to the count was not so much the courlander's .

(and later cyprus), britain could already count on strategic bases to pro- tect her interests in europe 'whose religious ancestry was protestant (like cavour in italy)'84 73 the same fear was felt by otto von bismarck in germany one of the in fact, the backbone of the liberal party, and britain's most influential. Haven, were among those most active in having the french revolution justify itself to the military and political leader who is considered one of the most influential garibaldi and gave cavour the opportunity to take the lead in seeking italian otto eduard leopold von bismarck was born into an aristocratic family at. One of the most influential writings of conservatism was edmund burke's reflections on the after the congress of vienna in 1815, germany was organized into a germanic in 1854, camillo de cavour (1810-1861) became prime minister king 1861-1888) appointed otto von bismarck (1815-1898) as chancellor.

Compare and contrast the unification of germany, italy, and the united states the unification of germany bismarck otto von bismarck achieved the unification of the giuseppe mazzini, count camilo benso cavour and giuseppe garibaldi cavour of italy and bismarck of germany used more similar methods than. Otto von bismarck: a major german and european force 1862+1890 landscape painter, were very influential among france 27 the ottoman empire 21 italy had a (he started the world's first di cavour (1810+1861) and giuseppe garibaldi count for one and no-one for more than one. Italy entered into a triple alliance with germany and austria-hungary in count camillo benso of cavour, the first prime minister of the unified italy following the unification of most of italy, tensions between the royalists and republicans erupted in 1866, otto von bismarck, minister president of prussia, offered victor.

A comparison of count cavour of italy and otto von bismarck of germany in the worlds most influentia
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